Why We Made This

As a longtime leader in the clean beauty space, goop is expanding to make effective, innovative clean beauty and wellness essentials more widely accessible. Clean, for us, always means researched, safe ingredients that deliver beautiful results, and products made with you and your family in mind. Scroll down for more information about what clean means to us.

A Note from Gwyneth

Welcome—I’m so happy you’re here. And so excited to share the goop approach to clean beauty and wellness with you. 

I’ve always believed that beauty comes from the inside out and that what we put in and on our bodies makes a significant difference in the way we look and feel every day. That ethos is one of the reasons I founded goop in the first place. 

We launched our first skin care in 2016 because we couldn’t find luxurious, results-driven, clinically proven products we loved in the clean space. Today, that line, goop Beauty, has evolved beyond my wildest dreams; I use it every day. 

We’ve learned a lot along the way, and with good.clean.goop, we’re taking a creative approach to beauty and wellness classics, leaning into clean hero ingredients to make a new line of effective, more accessible essentials. If you’re curious about clean beauty—or simply appreciate a hardworking cleanser—good.clean.goop beauty is a brilliant place to start.


The Cleanical. The Botanical. The Superfood.

Every product combines 3 elements to deliver visible results for skin, hair, and body.

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Cleanical: noun


Science-backed, dermatologist-loved skin-care ingredients.

Botanical: noun


Plant-derived active ingredients picked for performance.

Superfood: noun


Food-derived ingredients rich in nourishing compounds for multiple skin benefits.

Our Commitment to Clean

good.clean.goop reflects our commitment to creating products powered by science and nature that prioritize safety and results. Clean, to us, means that we vet our ingredients with strict attention to quality, while prioritizing ingredients that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free wherever possible. We also strive to use sustainable biobased sources that are nonpersistent in the environment.  

In addition, all our beauty products are formulated without silicones, formaldehyde donors, parabens, SLS, SLES, PEGs, polyacrylamides, TEA, DEA, phthalates, or synthetic fragrance, among many others that we proactively screen for based on published and ongoing scientific studies. Our approach to formulation is a future-forward consciousness about our health.

Our good.clean.goop wellness products leverage scientific evidence to allow us to carefully select high-quality ingredients and determine optimal dosages so that we know our formulations are safe and effective. We source these ingredients responsibly, prioritize organic and non-GMO ingredients, and avoid using gluten, artificial colors or artificial flavors. All of our good.clean.goop wellness supplements are manufactured at third-party audited and certified cGMP facilities, ensuring that each batch is third-party tested and analyzed to meet our standards. 

The clean beauty and wellness movement isn’t perfect, though; it’s evolving—and our goal is to evolve with the science in the most transparent way we can. We source all the ingredients for our good.clean.goop products with a high standard of safety and quality, while recognizing that despite our best efforts, trace levels of incidental chemicals may occur as a result of manufacturing and supply chain complexities. We are committed to making careful choices in our sourcing and formulation to minimize the potential presence of any trace amounts of incidental ingredients.

Thank you for joining us in supporting this movement and broadening access to clean beauty and wellness essentials.